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Team WN

Last updated: 07/03/2021

Wellington North Badminton actively participate in the Badminton New Zealand Inter-Association (IA) competitions. The IA competitions provide opportunities to players across a wide range of ability and different age group to experience competitive badminton in a team environment. The regional competition provides an entry point to experienced club players, where the national division 1 competition is catered for our elite and high performance players.

Each year, Wellington North Badminton puts out an invitation to all interested players to become a member of Team WN. The selection process generally involve (but not limited to) observation of player's technical skill and competency, on court attributes and commitments showcased on trial day. If you're interested to become part of the team, make sure to make yourself known to our coaches throughout the season, and put yourself forward in future trials.

Senior National Division 1

Aaron Ng
Kris Singh
Luke Falvey
Sam Navarra

Caragh Alley
Melody Tan

Senior National Division 3

Andrew Tan
Eugene Teo
Jeremy Tan
Raymond Lo
Rhys Hopkin
Zheran Li

Ashlee Shum
Bronwyn Beagle
Chanmony Khieng
Diana Seo
Mei Khoo
Serene Tan

Senior Central Division

Aravind Chandran
Benny Lau
Dwayne Teo
Ethan Pan
Ivan Perez
Justin Perez
Justin Tay
Ming Ghee Fong
Peter Zhou
Steven Phang
Tony Racho
Wei Ming Lim

Athena Cao
Ella Pan
Emily Beard
Emma Chung
Gabrielle Esguerra
Gioleilee (Ghem) Cecilio
Kaka Lee
Linda Zhang
Margaret Gonzales
Sophia Balane

Master Central Division



Super-Vet North Island Division 1



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