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Our People

Last updated: 27/05/2022


General ManagerSimon Lin
+64 220781962
Community Development ManagerBabette McCalman
+64 220781905
Event CoordinatorChanmony Khieng
Community Development OfficersRhys Hopkin
Nhor Chan
Natesh Chauhan

Current Board

President & ChairpersonDave White
MembersIan Brown
Julie Hood
Leck Tham
Lesley Gledhill

Life Members

1998 Tony Muir1998 Judy Muir
1998 Doug Muir1998 Anthony Muir
2000 Valerie Hall2001 Ian Brown
2002 Lindsay Dahlberg2005 Peter Smith
2005 Gary Smith2007 Warren Sloan
2016 Lesley Gledhill

Thank you to our Supporters & Partners

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