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Tawa Racketlon Holiday Programme

Wellington North Badminton

Tawa Squash, Tawa Tennis and Wellington North Badminton have come together to make a holiday programme that gives a taste into what each sport has to offer.

Players rotate between each sport after learning and playing for 1.5 hours. Qualified coaches will take each session.

Cost: $50/day per child or $135 for all 3 days

Players will be supervised for morning tea and lunch, and walked between each venue. So bring morning tea, lunch, water bottle, raincoat (just in case) and non-marking shoes for squash and badminton.

Payment made to Tawa Tennis Club: 02-0552-0014726-00
Reference: Name and Racketlon

If you have any questions please contact one of the clubs below.

Tawa Squash: Matt Green
Tawa Tennis: Julie Roberts
Wellington North Badminton: Babette McCalman

Thank you to our Supporters & Partners

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