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Last updated: 03/09/2021

Get creative and active with some lockdown (Well being) hauora activities
for the whole whānau


  • Create a video showcasing what your school does to promote wellbeing
  • Get to know your whānau better by asking them some interesting questions
  • Have a go at making your own family tree
  • Play the 'one word story' activity with your whānau or with your friends online
  • Chatterbox activity with your family (Te Reo and English)
  • 'Get Calling' activity and worksheet.
  • Make time for a genuine conversation


  • Write down how you demonstrate your school values
  • Sensory Poetry - Encouraging tamariki to think about their senses helps them develop mindfulness skills
  • Listen to the Rain - this activity combines important skills such as applying concentration and one of the top five wellbeing techniques of ‘taking notice'
  • Create your own Pepeha to connect with your wairua
  • Learn a song or waiata that uplifts you


  • Letters of the Alphabet activity
  • PE with Numbers
  • Head, shoulders, knee, toes game
  • Healthy Kids recipes to try at home with your whānau
  • Take a walk to your local maunga (mountain/hill) or awa (body of water)
  • Have some fun with this sensory coordination activity
  • Give some of these scavenger hunts a go

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