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Queens Birthday Special

Last updated: 04/06/2021

Haven't made plan for the Queens Birthday Monday yet? Take advantage of the special court hire rate, only $10/hour during off-peak hours! Simply book and activate your booking using 'PROMOTION'.

Terms and Conditions

  • Special rate is only valid for the 7 June 2021.
  • Bookings must be prepaid and booked using the "Promotion" mode.
  • Bookings made under the incorrect mode and charged at normal rates will not be refunded (unless cancel and rebook in accordance to exiting cancellation policy).
  • Existing bookings already made over the special rate period can be cancelled and rebook using the "Promotion" mode to take advantage of the special rate. Please take note of the exiting cancellation policy.
  • Any "Promotion" bookings made outside of the special rate period will not be valid and will not be refunded (unless cancel in accordance to exiting cancellation policy).
  • Exiting cancellation policy applies. Bookings cancel 6 hours prior to original booking time will receive a credit back for future bookings.

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