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Making Badminton more sustainable at our schools

Last updated: 08/04/2021

In 2019, with the support from the Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS), Wellington North Badminton was able to source badminton equipment for the schools in the Wellington North region. COGS provides grants to non-profit organisations delivering community-based social services that contribute to achieving locally-determined outcomes. It is administered by the Department of Internal Affairs.

The project was designed with sustainability in mind. Our Community Development Manager firstly works with each of the schools to tailor a programme where Tamariki can give badminton a go. Then we work alongside the school to make sure badminton becomes a sustainable sport option by providing professional development to the teachers, as well as providing a gear bag for them to keep, so they can continue to offer badminton even when we are not there to lead the programme.

Now the children and teachers can play badminton at school whenever they like.

Thank you to our Supporters & Partners

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