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Celebrating Successes

Last updated: 02/12/2020

August saw successes of our junior players in a raft of local/regional competitions. Many of our Team WN Junior players competed in the ? Wellington U15 and ? Hutt Valley U17 Open, were finalists or reached the podium. Here are a few highlights:

Wellington U15 Open

? Marcus Gonzales was not able to maintain his peace against a well playing Alex Galt in the Boys' Singles final, taking home the silver medal.
? Ashlee Shum was silver medalist in the Girls' Singles just come short of taking the match to full length to 3 games.

Special mentions to Sophia Wong along with partner Ashlee Shum who were also crowned the winner of the Girls' Doubles Classic Plate.

Full results:

Hutt Valley U17 Open

?Samuel Navarra who were tripled ? in Boys Singles, Doubles with partner Lezhi Zhu and Mixed Doubles with partner Isabella Chen.
?Aravind Chandran and Sartaj Sidhu’s winning streak came to a halt at the boys doubles final and were silver medallists.
?Henry Chap secured the Boys Singles Plate title and with partner Marcus Gonzales took out the Boys Doubles Plate title.
? Margaret Gonzales and Ayesha Mina took out the Girls Doubles Plate title.

Special mentions to ? Perry Xie, ?Oark Hong Lim, ? Hayley Chung and ? Sophia Wong whom were finalists in various plate events.

Full results:

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