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New shuttles range available!

Last updated: 27/06/2019

We have been working hard to source shuttles that is cost effective without compromising on quality and we may have just found what we were looking for.

In the spirit of supporting local businesses, we're fortunate to partner with Code Alpha, an upcoming sports brand specialising in badminton gears, to bring you a new affordable range of shuttles.

After some testing by both our experience and casual members, and 2 Wellington North Badminton hosted events, we are delighted to be stocking the CodeAlpha L-05, L-07 and Tourney No.1 with an unbeatable price:

CodeAlpha RangeMembersNon-members
Tourney No.1$38.00/dozen$41.00/dozen

Come see us at the office if you want to get your hands on one of these bad boys.

Thank you to our Supporters & Partners

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