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Doubles Box Challenge

Last updated: 12/02/2019

A doubles box challenge to help you get back on court, just in time before the 2019 season starts. This is a short 4-weeks challenge, starting Wednesday 6 March 19.

Each week, you will be put into a box of 4 players in similar ability, you will partner with everyone in your box and play against all possible combinations (e.g. 1+2 vs 3+4; 1+3 vs 2+4; 1+4 vs 2+3) in doubles matches.

This event is open to all. For those who are interested/intended to play for Team WN (including all open seniors, masters, vets and super vets teams) for the 2019 season, you are expected to enter this 4-week challenge. The results of this competition will be used as part of the selection process and preference will be given to those who have participated in this event.

If the number of entry exceeds 24, a draw will be made and published the Friday prior to the week of competition. $10 entry is required to be paid on the night of competition

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