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Summer League 2018/19

Last updated: 21/11/2018

Unfortunately, due to the lack of entry, we are looking to postpone the competition to start from 15 Jan 2019. We are also looking to open up the registration for individuals as well. So if you haven't manage to get a team together, you can still enter and we can help put you into a team. So don't wait, register today!

Join the battle of the teams in a team relay competition at the 2018/19 Summer League.

This is a doubles only competition. With 4 players in the team, you must have at least one lady in your team. You will partner with each of your teammate playing against your rival teams. It's a race to see which team can reach 120 points first.

Each tie between two teams consists of 6 matches. Each match will include one game to 20 points. Subsequent matches will start with the points won from the previous match. The team that reaches 120 points total wins the tie.

This is a round robin competition, limited to 8 teams. First tie starting after New Year, every Tuesday from 15 Jan 2019.

Registration closes Wednesday, 9 Jan 2019

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